Art Education (MA) 

Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

Fashion, Textiles & Enterprise (BA)

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As a designer, crafter and teacher I have been fortunate enough to have ties to our diverse and creative capital city from a young age. Shiny, new and modern London is, and will always remain, a huge influence on my personal style - yet, having grown up in Dorset, I am also inspired by the many exquisite aspects of nature, such as the subtle and sublime beauty of English landscape and scenery. My work combines the allure of both city and countryside, and reflects the contrasting yet compatible set of influences: simple beauty with a modern touch.

I taught for several years in and around the London area, specialising in Art and Design. During this time I taught in secondary schools which held visual arts status and I relished the challenge of unlocking the creative potential of my students whilst, at the same time, studying for a Masters in Art Education. It was here that I discovered the true power of craft and made the decision to establish Woo Craft & Design, to bring craft and its compelling magic to people of all ages and backgrounds.

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I am a London-based craft and design teacher, creating beautifully detailed personalised products from bespoke handcrafted embroidered photos to delicately handmade silk jersey collections. Here you’ll find unique, sophisticated and stylish pieces for many.


Woo Craft Parties are a fun way to socialise, make new friends, learn new skills and become more mindful of the great sense of pride and achievement that craft can bring. Making products from scratch teaches patience and perseverance. Each Craft Party is differentiated for different age groups, focusing on a range of skills and specialisms. Private Parties can be booked at venues or home visits for hen parties, birthdays and other special occasions - further details can be found in the Craft Party tab with additional information available upon request.

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“This was such an amazing course for people of all backgrounds whether you are experienced at crafts or a complete beginner. Collette makes sure everybody is able to complete all the tasks and everyone has so much fun in the process. Thank you for a great course, we can’t wait to come back and do another!.”

— Polly, Professional Dancer